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Micro-technologies are helping to make the world a better place

December 29, 2016

In order to be effectively persuasive with this affirmation, let us use the weather as an apt metaphor to drive home this point. Famously, the weather has been used successfully as a metaphor in many famous novels, both literary and in popular fiction. So, we could be asking the question; why not here as well. But we don’t need to. If you are not yet convinced, take your eyes off the ball, if you dare, or look conscientiously elsewhere, to see and feel the evidence.

Quite literally, it’s even in the weather. Microchip technologies are being used now, more than ever before in the world’s recent history over the last hundred years or so, to make accurate predictions on what the weather holds in stall for us today. Because of global warming and climate change, it has become all the more pertinent that scientists and software engineers have been prompted by a greater sense of urgency to advance their designs, creations and engineering feats to come up with improved technologies that lead to the creation of the smallest of microchips that are so accurate, almost to the minute.

We almost said; up to the second. But thought better of it at this time. That would be tantamount to pushing the envelope a little too far. There is still that perception that humankind is not yet ready for such accuracy. It may just overwhelm them. In fact, in some geopolitical and socio-economic circles, it already has. But fortunately, the rest of the world is still hardy and disciplined enough to adapt sensibly. But taking into account the pace of technological advances, up to the second accuracy is not far off.

To conclude, we affirm that micro-technologies are helping to make the world a better and safer place.